Welcome to, a web site devoted to preserving the history of the Gordon Research Conferences. To mark the 75th anniversary of GRC in 2006, a commemorative publication titled Reflections from the Frontiers was created in cooperation with the Chemical Heritage Foundation. This web site was established to both archive and supplement the content of this book.

Reflections From The Frontiers

The Gordon Research Conferences have a rich history of 75 years at the frontiers of science. Since 1931, we have held over 5,500 week-long conferences that were attended by over 600,000 scientists.

Reflections From The Frontiers

We invite you to explore this web site, which brings together first-hand accounts of the impact GRC has had on scientists' careers with our analysis of trends over time. If you have attended a GRC, you will recognize the innovative spirit it fosters across a wide range of fields. If you have not been to a Gordon Conference, this site offers the opportunity to learn how we have stayed on the leading edge of scientific frontiers.

This web site is but a first step in our ongoing effort to collect and make known the remarkable stories associated with Gordon Conferences. Attending a GRC often inspires new lines of research, initiates new collaborations, and gives young and seasoned scientists a chance to interact. Help us preserve and make known the GRC story.

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